Cancer care

With 14,000 patients including 8500 new cases every year, Hospices Civils de Lyon has established itself as one of the major cancer centres in the region. As an integrated research, treatment and teaching centre, the Lyon university hospital centre provides care for patients suffering from all types of cancer, of all ages, and is an authority in the treatment of rare and complex tumours.

Institut de Cancérologie

Institut de Cancérologie (oncology institute) at Hospices Civils de Lyon federates all the departments of the university hospital centre providing care for cancer patients, distributed geographically between different hospitals.

Hospices Civils de Lyon provides care for all cancers in adults, children and older people, at all stages. The doctors and oncologists offer you all existing treatments, from gold-standard cancer treatments to the most innovative therapies.

250 cancer care staff (oncologists, organ specialists, surgeons, radiotherapists, biologists, pharmacists, imaging technicians, researchers) are brought together to define the best therapeutic strategy for each patient.

The strength of Institut de Cancérologie at Hospices Civils de Lyon lies in its unique structure between specialised oncology platforms and organ speciality, oncology and non-oncology departments (rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, intensive care, infectious diseases, nutrition, etc.). Any complications can then receive world-class care due to the many specialists and availability of the technical platforms.

Care offering

From the time of diagnosis to the patient's return home, HCL offers end-to-end cancer care.

Hospices Civils de Lyon offers not only gold-standard treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but also innovative treatments.


Researchers at Hospices Civils de Lyon are involved in international oncology research, aimed at improving knowledge of the diseases, developing new therapies and, ultimately, increasing the chances of curing cancer.

"Personalised" medicine is one of the most promising approaches in oncology. It consists of treating each patient in a personalised manner based on the genetic and biological specificities of his/her tumour, and also accounting for environmental and lifestyle factors.

Targeted therapies and their combination with gold-standard treatments are the subject of clinical trials conducted in Hospices Civils de Lyon, for all types of cancer. The techniques and drugs tested are being developed as knowledge becomes clearer.