Hôpital Edouard Herriot

Entrée de l'hôpital Edouard Herriot / Place d'Arsonval

Hôpital Edouard Herriot has excellent services in almost every medical and surgical specialties, with key services: emergency surgery, orthopedics surgery, transplantations and immunology, rheumatology, hepato-gastroenterology, medicine and vascular surgery, nephrology and dialysis, treatment of highly burnt patients…

The hospital Edouard Herriot offers emergency welcome 24/7 for medical; surgical and ophthalmologic emergencies, as well as a day welcome for teeth emergencies. It also hosts the paramedics center and hyperbaric medicine center.

It also has a strong public health pole with a permanent access to care, Planned Parenthood, a center for abortions, consultation for help and care of addictions, a screening unit for sexually transmitted diseases …

Finally, the hospital hosts research centers in rheumatology, the skin bank and the research center for skin substitutes.


Expertise fields

At the origins of numerous specialties and innovations, the hospital Edouard Herriot has an international reputation due to the realization of many medical firsts, particularly in the field of transplantation, such as :

  • the first  transplant of stem cells on a human fetus in 1989
  • the first liver transplant on a newborn, from a living donor (his father) in 1992
  • the first hand transplant in 1998, followed by the first double hands and forearm transplant in 2000
  • the first transplant of a hearing prosthesis in 2007
  • the first sampling of a kidney from the belly button on a living donor in 2010
  • the treatment of prostate cancer by focalized ultrasounds since 2015
  • a double arms transplant in 2017


Key figures

  • 29 surgical operating rooms
  • 4 000 professionals including more than 500 doctors
  • More than 100 000 entries to the medical emergency room
  • 25 000 surgical interventions
  • Almost 300 000 consultations