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Hospices Civils de Lyon is France's second university hospital centre (CHU). HCL includes a staff of 23,000 of which 5000 are physicians and over 11,000 are nursing staff. It federates 14 facilities, including three predominantly general facilities providing emergency, medical and surgical services in a wide range of disciplines, seven specialist facilities and four geriatric facilities.

In its capacity as a public hospital and university hospital centre, Hospices Civils de Lyon has several fundamental roles and its staff embodies the values of public hospital service.



This involves providing all patients, indiscriminately and for all conditions, with access to care, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. As such, care provision is based on:

• proximity (care for common conditions),

• referral (rare conditions or those requiring a high level of medical expertise). As such, HCL coordinates several national reference centres (rare lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, rare kidney diseases, rare disorders of sex development, etc.).

Education and training

• Over 1850 students of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy and over 750 junior doctors

• Almost 1600 paramedics trained every year in 11 schools and institutes: nurses, specialist nurses, electroradiology technicians, midwives and healthcare managers.


The university hospital centre makes contributions to research and innovation in the medical sector, in partnership with Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, scientific and technical public bodies or stakeholders in the private sector (pharmaceutical laboratories, biomedical technology developers, etc.).



The healthcare facility certification process is mandatory in France, aimed at assessing organisation, operation, practices relating to care and respect of patients' rights.

It is conducted every four years by the French National Authority for Health (HAS) and covers activities having a direct or indirect impact on patient care: clinical, administrative, logistic services, etc.

With scores of A to C, Hospices Civils de Lyon has risen to the rank of the first CHU in France to have such a high certification level. To date, no other hospital in France has exceeded level C.