Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud

Façade du bâtiment 3A au Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud

Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud has excellent services, particularly in the fields of cancerology, hematology, nutrition, dermatology as well as in multiple surgical specialties such as orthopedics or digestive surgery. It is a reference establishment for emergency care, pregnancy care and elderly care. It owns last generation equipment (surgical robot, particle accelerator, MRI, scans…) and it hosts the radiotherapy service of Hospices Civils de Lyon, which has been recently renovated and has the best devices.

Finally, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud offers innovative care procedures to its patients: surgical reception unit, path of fast recovery after surgery, hypnosis, 3D printing, support care and health information room, coordination between city and hospital…

The hospital also hosts Europeans centers in clinical research as well as the European Center for nutrition and health (CENS), an innovative structure of nutrition research.

Key figures

Human and technical means:

  • 3 360 non-medical staff members and 355 senior doctors
  • 28 operation rooms
  • 1000 beds and seats

Annual activity:

  • 25 600 surgical interventions
  • 2 300 births
  • 31 000 emergency entries
  • 217 000 medical consultations
  • 239 500 days of hospitalization and 4 600 outpatient days